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About 5 months ago my marriage came off the rails.  It was a very tough time for Jon and I.  I may blog about that more some time.  God has done an incredible amount of healing, through the prayers of friends we shared our trouble with, and a very wise man at Jon’s work who leant him “The Five Love Languages”. Jon learned a LOT and shared what he learned with me. I learned that my love language is Physical Touch. This is how I need to give and receive love. Turns out it’s Jon’s love language too. We were just going about things the wrong way through issues of insecurity, attitudes. God has brought us a very long way!! Our marriage is filled with passion, tenderness, and oodles of love.

My man bought me a Valentine’s Day gift today and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to give it to me. Now being very in tune with what gets me happy, he bought me a bath set. An exfoliating scrub, bath foam, and body lotion. All with olive oil in the ingredients. How perfect for a woman who’s love language is physical touch!! I’m so impressed with his choice. He says he’ll be buying me stuff like that from now on. Smart man. 😉


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